Mesacol 400mg

Mesacol 400mg

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Brand NameAsacol
Generic NameMesalamine
ManufacturerSun Pharma
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  • MESACOL 400 MG

    Mesocol 400 mg is an anti-inflammatory drug and is used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) -“ severe inflammatory condition of the digestive tract like Crohn-™s disease or Ulcerative Colitis(a disease which leads to swelling and sores in colon and rectum).


    Mesacol 400 mg is a prescription required medicine and it should be used according to the instructions of your doctor.Do not chew or break it.Take it as a whole. Read the product label carefully before use.Consume it with or without food as suggested by your physician. Do not take a double dose in case you have missed your previous one. Store it in a cool and dry place away from children.


    The main and active ingredient of Mesacol 400 mg is mesalamine which restricts the production of certain chemical substances like prostaglandins or leukotrienes that lead to inflammation of the lining of intestines.


    You must inform your doctor beforehand about your previous and present medical conditions, your current medication and over the counter (OTC) products you are using prior its use.Do not take Mesacol 400 mg if you are allergic towards such drugs. This medicine is not recommended for patients with bleeding ulcers, serious liver or kidney disease or galactose intolerance. It is advisable to ask your doctor before consuming alcohol with this medicine.Pregnant and lactating women should tell their doctors before using it.


     Abdominal pain
     Headache
     Constipation
     Dryness in mouth
     Nausea
     Diarrhoea
     Blurred vision

    Seek your doctor help as soon as possible if you encounter any of the above symptoms regularly.