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    JANUVIA 25MG Description

    Januvia is a common medication, which has been taken once in a day with necessary diet plans from time to time.
    It is highly recommended for people to understand the features of the medication because it allows them to take
    maximum mileage of the drug in an effective way. The drug is widely used to treat type I diabetes and helps people
    to keep blood sugar levels in an effective way.
    Composition -“ The primary component of the medication plays a vital role to decrease blood sugar levels in a quick
    span of time. The Sitagliptin (100mg) is the important component, which is responsible to keep type I diabetes in
    control from time to time.
    How does it work?
    The sitagliptin is highly functional with the help of necessary exercises and diet plans. It is important for people to
    contact a doctor before taking the medication because he or she will help you in drafting the right diet plan based
    on the individual and requirement from time to time.
    Side effects
    Sudden sweating and rapid heartbeat are the common side effects found after taking the medication. It is highly
    recommended for people to contact the doctor in order to take necessary medication to treat side effects from
    time to time.
    Precautions and Warning
    It is not recommended for people to consume the medication with alcohol. The medication can cause a slight
    dizziness. It is not recommended for people to engage in driving activities after consuming the medication in order
    to avoid accidents from time to time.

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