Ipravent Rotacaps - 40 mcg

Ipravent Rotacaps - 40 mcg

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Brand NameAtrovent
Generic NameIpratropium Bromide
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    Ipravent Rotacaps - 40 mcg Description

    Ipravent Rotacaps-40 Mcg bronchodilator is used in the treatment of asthma, chest tightness, shortness of breath, allergies, cold and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder(COPD).
    Each Ipravent Rotacaps-40 Mcg contains Ipratropium Bromide BP, equivalent to Ipratropium Bromide (anhydrous).
    How does it work:
    Ipratropium in the Ipravent Rotacaps-40 Mcg helps in decreasing the activity of acetylcholine on the lung and relaxes and opens up the air-passages to facilitate smooth breathing. Ipratropium bromide ( a quaternary ammonium compound ) contains anticholinergic properties which prevent an increase in intracellular concentration of Ca++ caused by the interaction of acetylcholine with the muscarinic receptors on bronchial smooth muscle.
    How to use this?
    You must read the label for instructions before consuming it. You are required to place the capsule in the base of rotahaler and not in the mouthpiece. Now twist the mouthpiece until you hear a click sound and then breathe deeply through the mouthpiece. Keep holding your breath for at least 10-15 seconds and if you notice any powder still present in the rotahaler, repeat the process.
    Side Effects:
    Some of the side-effects one can observe after consuming Ipravent Rotacaps-40 Mcg are- cough, dizziness, mouth dryness, throat irritation, nausea, headache, an allergic reaction may lead to swelling of tongue or throat, rash, hives etc. This is not an exhaustive list of the side-effects.
    Precautions and Warning:
    If you have a medical history of conditions like- glaucoma, cystic fibrosis, prostate condition, urinary problems etc., avoid taking this medicine. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice- anaphylaxis, oropharyngeal swelling, rash, bronchospasms, urticaria, angioedema, irregular heartbeats after ipratropium nasal spray etc.

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