Gabapin 300mg

Gabapin 300mg

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Brand NameNeurontin
Generic NameGabapentin
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    Gabapin 300mg Description

    GABAPIN  300mg
    Gabapin  300mg is an anticonvulsant drug used to cure patients who suffer from
    neuropathic pain and seizures. It is also used to treat nerve pain caused by
    shingles (a rash occurred due to herpes zoster infection) in adults.
    Gabapin  300mg is a prescription-only- medicine  and it should be taken
    according to the instructions of your doctor. You can take it with or without food.
    Read the label carefully before using it. Do not chew or crush it. Try to take this
    medicine at the same time every day.
    Gabapin 300mg   is an antiepileptic drug that helps in relieving pain and seizures
    by regulating and balancing calcium channel activity of the nerve cells. It also
    decreases the excessive excitability of the brain cells to check convulsions.
    Before starting this  medication you should inform your full medical condition
    and medical history to your doctor. You should not take  Gabapin 300mg , if you
    have a known allergy for such medicines. Long-term use of this medicine is not
    recommendable. This medicine should not be used by pregnant and breast-
    feeding women. Do not consume  alcohol with this medicine as alcohol can
    contribute in increased drowsiness. Patients suffering from kidney disease should
    take it more carefully. Avoid driving and operating a machine as it may lead to
    ï‚· Irritability
    ï‚· Lower back pain
    ï‚· Blurred vision
    ï‚· Dizziness
    ï‚· Fatigue
    ï‚· Anxiety
    ï‚· Dry mouth
    ï‚· Change in appetite

    If any of the above mentioned symptoms appear for a long time, discontinue
    using Gabapin 300mg and seek your doctor-™s advice as soon as possible.

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