Albucid Eye Drop

Albucid Eye Drop

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Brand NameBlephamide
Generic NameSulfacetamide
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    Albucid Eye Drop Description

    Albucid Eye Drop

    Albucid eye drops are antibiotic, anti-bacterial eye drops used for treatment of infections in the eyes caused by bacteria and for other infections also. Albucid Eye Drops may also be used for other medicinal conditions.

    Albucid Eye Drops contains Sulfacetamide Sodium as an active ingredient. Albucid eye drops works by inhibiting the bacterial growth. Albucid kills the bacteria from growing further and increasing the infection. Possible side effects of Albucid eye drops are burning sensation in eyes, blurred vision, itching.

    Don-™t use Albucid Eye Drops while wearing contact lenses. Store the eye drops in cool and dry place. Keep the eye drops at safe distance from the infants and pets. Don-™t freeze the eye drops.

    After using Albucid eye drops take rest for some time try not to exert your eyes by doing any activity related to eyes. You can Buy Albucid online from V care pharmacy at a reasonable price and we provide shipping to USA, UK and Australia.

    Albucid Eye Drop is used to remove the bacterial infections in the eyes. They will not treat the infections that are caused by virus or the fungus.

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