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    9 PM Eye Drop - 2.5ml (0.005%) Description

    9P.M, this topical eye drop is prescribed by the doctors during the treatment of glaucoma
    and ocular hypertension. Effective in lowering the pressure in the eyes and give relief
    from redness, itching and heaviness.
    The prime constituent used in 9P.M eye drop is Latanoprost. This element is effective in
    curing ocular hypertension and glaucoma.
    How does it work:
    Follow doctor-™s instruction regarding the dosage and duration of the eye drop and reduce
    the chance of eyesight loss due to ocular hypertension. It improves the flow of fluid
    from the eyes, resulting in less pressure in the eyes.
    How to use this?
    Patients are advised to follow doctor-™s instructions regarding the usage of 9PM
    eye drop.Read the label carefully to learn about the precautions. Put one drop once
    in the affected eye.Put the unused and close bottle in a refrigerator. Once the bottle
    is open it can be stored at room temperature. Open bottle can be used for up to 6 weeks.
    Side Effects:
    Some people may experience Conjunctival hyperemia, Stinging and sensation in the eyes,
    Eyelash changes, itching, Burning sensation in eye, and changed the color of the iris
    after using the eye drop, 9PM. The pigmentation in the iris can be permanent in nature,
    the rest of the symptoms subsides once the medication is stopped. Patients are advised
    not to start or stop the medication without doctor-™s consultation.
    Precautions and Warning:
    It is also suggested to share your medical profile with the doctor, especially if you
    are under medication. It is suggested not to drive vehicle immediately as the application
    of the eye drop may causes blur vision.

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