online & offline pharmacy - it’s time for collaboration, not competition

Online & Offline Pharmacy - It’s Time for Collaboration, Not Competition

Pharmacies play a crucial role in making sure that patients get their medicines right on time so that they do not experience the pain and discomfort associated with various health conditions. With the escalating popularity of online shopping, there are now many online stores that serve as online pharmacies for the medicines that people are looking for. Such new contenders in the marketplace have only led to intense competition among the online and offline pharmacies as both of them try to get as many customers for their business as possible. While the presence of both these online and offline pharmacies have actually made it a lot easier for the general consumers to have the medicines that they need, it has also paved the way for an intense competition between the two.

The coronavirus pandemic has completely reshuffled the healthcare system and new strategies and working methods have now become necessary to deal with the challenges that are faced by this sector. Under such circumstances, it is necessary for the online and offline pharmacies to collaborate with each other efficiently and not focus on competition as that can only harm the consumers at the end of the day. While the offline pharmacies can get medicines to the people in a shorter span of time, they are often constricted by the limitation of space. The online pharmacies on the other hand have multiple warehouses working for them which mean that they have sufficient space. However, it can take a few days for the online pharmacies to make the deliveries. The road strikes and other logistical problems that are now common are also leading to greater spans of delivery times.

In light with such practical challenges faced by both online and offline pharmacies, it is necessary that both of them work together to make sure that the end users have access to the medicines that they need at the shortest possible time. Unless people have the medicines and drugs they need as soon as possible, it is only going to lead them to experience much pain and discomfort. The problems are going to become even more serious if the person in question is suffering from COVID-19 or some other kind of critical illness or injury which should be treated as quickly as possible. The collaboration between the online and offline pharmacies can only ensure better functioning of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.