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Generic Name    : Sumatriptan
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Suminat 100 tablet  is used to provide relief from pain caused by a migraine attack
with or without aura and its associated symptoms like nausea or sensitivity to
light and sound. It aids in reducing the acuteness of a migraine attack but cannot
ward off one from occurring.
Suminat 100 should be used only in accordance with the instructions of your
physician. Read the label carefully before using it. You can take it anytime during
the attack but it is better to take it as soon as the symptoms of migraine start
appearing. Do not chew or break it, swallow it as a whole. You can take it with or
without food. Store it in a dry and cool place.
The active ingredient of Suminat 100 is  sumatriptan (100 mg) which belongs to
the group of drugs known as tryptans. It works by narrowing those widened blood
vessels which contribute in migraine pain. It also hinders the formation of pain
causing substances thereby giving comfort from headache.
You must explain your medical history and present diseases, if any to your doctor
in advance. Do not use Suminat 100 if you have a known allergy for such drugs.
People diagnosed with liver disease should take it more carefully. Pregnant and
lactating women must ask their doctor before using it. It is advisable to avoid
driving as it may cause sleepiness.
 Weakness
 Dizziness
 Throat pain
 Dryness in mouth
 Warm sensation
 Nausea
 Chest pain
 Shortness of breath
 Irregular heartbeat
 Itching

If any of the above symptoms persist, consult your doctor earliest possible.

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