Seroflo Rotacaps – 50mcg + 500mcg

Product Code          :Vcare316
Generic Name         :Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate
Brand Name            :Advair Rotacaps
Manufacture           :Cipla
Expiry Date             :Janury 20
Presentation           :Rotacaps
Delivery Days         : 10 working days

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Product Description

Seroflo rotocaps 50MCG + 500MCG have been widely used because of its efficiency and quick solutions from time
to time. The right balance of components plays a vital role for the medication because it helps people to enjoy the
maximum amount of convenience without facing problems in an effective way. The Seroflo rotacaps are widely
used in order to control and prevent asthma problems from time to time.
Composition – The seroflo rotacaps has a powerful combination of Salmeterol xinafoate and Fluticasone
Propionate, which helps people to get quick relief from asthma-related disorders from time to time. The powerful
combination has helped a lot of people to enjoy the muscle relaxation without compromising on the side effects in
an effective way.
How does it work?
The mouthpiece is designed to provide better control while taking a puff from time to time. It is highly
recommended for people to contact a doctor in order to take the medication in the right way.
Side effects
Nosebleeds and mild tremors may be experienced for some people, which need to report to the doctor
immediately in order to take necessary precautions.
Precautions and Warning
Most of the people would prefer to take one or two puffs at the same time every day in order to increase the
performance of the medication from time to time. People with a history of cardiovascular diseases are highly
advised to avoid because it could cause adverse effects on the patient in terms of breathing on a regular basis.

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