Penegra 50 Mg

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Generic Name  : sildenafil citrate
Brand Name     : sildenafil citrate
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Penegra 50GM
Penegra is widely used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is highly advised for people to consult a doctor before taking
Penegra because it has the capability to create a huge imbalance in sexual activity from time to time. Penegra has
been highly suggested to men in the age of 30 to 50 depending on their physical abilities from time to time.
The medicine has a mixture of many components. Sildenafil Citrate is the major component, which plays a vital
role to cure erectile dysfunction in a quick span of time.
How Does It Work
The medicine contains a huge amount of sildenafil citrate, which helps people to enjoy sexual activities on a
regular basis. The Maximum observed plasma concentration would be reached in a span of 30 minutes to 120
minutes to enhance the performance of the individual without compromising on the quality.
How to Use it?
It is widely recommended for people to contact a doctor or a professional before consuming penegra medication
because it has the capacity to ruin the sexual health of the individual. The right course plays a vital role for every
individual to enhance the performance and to take maximum mileage of the medicine from time to time.
Side Effects
Side effects may not occur to most of the individuals, but it is necessary for people to contact a doctor in case of a
minor discomfort to the patient. Some of the common side effects are stomach upset, digestion issue, Muscle
pain, and headache and so on.
Precaution and Warning
Alcohol – It is advised not to consume alcohol before and after taking penegra because there is a major chance of
falling sick or experiencing any of the side effects
Pregnancy – Pregnancy ladies are not completely recommended to try penegra because it affects the fetus in a
quick span of time.
Lactation – The tablet is not considered as a major risk during lactation stage, but it is advised for people to
consume with doctor’s advice
Driving – Some of the individual feel penegra as a drowsy medication and not advised to consume while driving
from time to time.

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