Levorest 5mg

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Brand Name     : Xyzal
Generic Name  : Levocetirizine dihydrochloride
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Product Description

Levorest is antihistamine medicine and it is prescribed for treatment of allergy. It is effective in curing
seasonal allergy in children and adults. Levorest can be used for other purpose as well. It should be
taken only after doctor’s prescription. It can prescribe for curing seasonal allergic rhinitis, perennial
allergic rhinitis, and chronic idiopathic urticaria.
Ingredients and Composition:
The prime constituent of Levorest is LEVOCETIRIZINE. It is effective in curing allergic symptoms.
Whether it is seasonal or due to some other reason the right dose of Levorest 5mg will cure the
How Levorest Works?
Levorest is an antihistaminic medication. the prime compound used in this medicine treats allergy
symptoms such as such as itching, swelling, and rashes it blocks the effects of (histamine) in the body
and subside the irritation and allergic symptoms.
How to use it?
Take this medicine as prescribed by the doctor. See the label for dosage information. it is an oral
medication and can be taken with water. it can be taken with or without food. consult your doctor
about the dosage and duration and strictly follow the advice. The medicine may cause drowsiness so it
is suggested to take the pill at night.
Side Effects & Precautions:
The dose may cause sleepiness. This medicine is not recommended to those who are allergic to
levocetirizine. Do not drive after taking the Levorest. Share current medication with the doctor before
starting the medication.

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