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Haridra – Ayurvedic treatment for skin related problems
The medicine or spice is well known to have tons and tons of positive properties to treat different kinds of issues
related to skin from time to time.
The ointment or cream contains a pale yellow volatile oil, which plays a vital role to increase the performance of
the medication in an easy way. It is necessary for every patient to understand the features of the medication in
order to take maximum mileage of the dosage from time to time.
How Does It Work?
The herb or haridra is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, which has been highly advised
for every individual to use it based on the requirement in an easy way. The medication’s cholesterol-lowering
actions provide a huge room for patients to increase the tone of the skin in a quick span of time.
How to Use it?
Apply the cream or the herb directly on the affected area based on the necessity. It is highly advised for people to
massage or apply on the skin directly on a regular basis to find the maximum amount of results in a quick span of
Side Effects
The medication is known to come with no or rather very fewer side effects because of various reasons. The haridra
has been used for a long time to treat different kinds of skin related problems because it has the capability to
prevent the increase of SGOt and SGPT, which are commonly known as liver enzymes.

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