Elocon – 5gm Cream

Product Code     :Vcare132
Generic Name    :Mometasone Furoate
Brand Name       :Asmanex
Manufacture      :Schering Corporation
Expiry Date        :January, 2020
Presentation      :Tubes
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Product Description

Elocon is one of the widely used medicines to treat skin related problems based on the requirement in an effective
way. Some of the popular skin disorders like eczema, allergies, rash and psoriasis are considered deadly and Elocon
provides a wide room for patients to treat without compromising on other health aspects from time to time.
 Composition
The medication is anti-inflammatory agent, which provides a huge amount of relief to skin burning sensation in an
easy way. The primary and the most important component in Elocon is Mometasone furoate, which is widely used
in topical conditions in an effective way.
 How Does It Work?
Elocon cream or ointment is one of the widely used medications to treat skin allergies. The Mometasone furoate
play a major role in the operation and known to remove all the unwanted and harmful components from the skin
in an effective way.
 How to Use it?
The ointment can be applied directly on the skin based on doctor’s suggestion from time to time. It is highly
recommended for people to contact a doctor before taking because it helps you apply sufficient amount of cream
based on the necessity.
 Precaution and Warning
It is a known fact that skin is a sensitive part of the body, which requires a huge amount of care on a regular basis.
Most of the doctors and professional prescribe people to pick the right medication and was on a regular basis in
order to enjoy maximum performance from time to time..

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