Cutisoft Cream – 1% (10gm

Product Code       : Vcare302
Brand Name         : Cortifoam
Generic Name      : Hydrocortisone
Manufacturer       : Innova (Ipca) 

Presentation         : Tube
Expiry Date           : Nov 20
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Product Description

Cutisoft cream is prescribed for curing rashes on skin, skin irritation, inflammation, conjunctivitis
and other dermal allergic symptoms. it is effective in treatment, control and prevention of various
skin diseases.
Composition and Ingredients:
the prime ingredient present in Cutisoft cream is Hydrocortisone Topical. It is used for curing
allergy symptoms.
How does it work?
Hydrocortisone Topical is a topical anti-inflammatory medicine). the application of the medicine
reduces redness, itching, and swelling caused by various skin conditions. it provide temporary
relief from
How to use it?
The cream is for external use only. Apply the cream only after doctor’s prescription. Check label to
learn about basic information including manufacturing and expiry date. Apply it on affected area
and wash your hand after applying it on the affected area.
Common Side effects:
This ointment is quite effective in curing the skin allergies and it is safe as well. yet some patients
may experience problems like skin thinning, Contact dermatitis. it is not recommended for fungal
skin infections

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