Allegra 30 mg

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Brand Name     : Allegra
Generic Name  : Fexofenadine
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Allegra 30 mg

Fexofenadine is a second generation antihistaminic drug given in the allergic conditions such as: Sneezing Itchy nose and throat Watery, red and itchy eyes Runny nose Fexofenadine is a non drowsy drug second generation antihistamine. Fexofenadine relieves the symptoms of seasonal and year around allergies. Fexofenadine has a quality of fast onset of action, as it attain its therapeutic efficacy in one hour. Fexofenadine blocks the generation of histamine, a natural substance that causes allergy. Allegra 30 mg aids in relieving the symptoms of allergic reactions like urticaria, itchy red skin, burning sensation and swelling. The ailments it is used for: Fexofenadine is an anti allergic drug given in the following conditions such as: Seasonal allergic rhinitis Chronic urticaria Allergic symptoms such as sneezing, itchy nose and throat Swelling of face and body weakness

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